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Hello the result  According to the astrology and scriptures of all of you, it is the real truth of life and death. If this person is to take life then it will also be known by this that it is also true with the true truth. The person who is born in this death will have to give salvation to salvation.
          Whether it is a person or a beast or a bird or a great soul like a saint, Saint Fakir or austerity or a yogi or a sage Muni or a Mahatma or a Pandit, Astrologer, all these people have to spend their soul in the other body, for which the old body would have to abandon H.
This parance starts with the life of the man. Online Mantra Tantra Totke Yantra
                 According to the classical astrology, according to the classical astrology performed by human beings before the birth of a human being, when life was born, according to the Planet Nakshatra, the time-honored name and yoga day, all this is the beginning of his life.
Like: - Disturbed in the job
          Inconvenience in business
           Do not mind reading
          No engagement or breakdown
          Do not get the idea with the wife
          Differences with parents
         Mother in law
         Government job or private court of hair
        Divorce or love marriage
    Lack of injury to be hurt or akxident or sick. Lack of pessimism is lacking in demand, malignant defects, time snake defect, pitra defect, pulse defect. Condition difference state
Mantra Puja,  havan and rituals by the Vedic law, Mahatmunjay mantra,  chanting all the problems, you will get the fruits immediately after the jest of the light of the red book found in the form of astrology for the solution of your family and your problems, why birth of Kundli astrology There are compositions which are called faults. To solve the problems, you will get a 100% solution for worship path mantra method, by guaranteeing astrologer vikrant I promise you