About Black Magic

About Black Magic, want to tell you that black magic is also harmed to human beings and animal wealth. The way of black magic, which is the unnecessary loss of B in the need of human beings. Such as: - The life of a human being, which is spent with great pleasure and whether it is a woman or a male, is both kind and inanimate, people, who are harmed by the manner of suffering and disease, He did not know what was happening in his life. Sad to saddle someone in the family with dark magic
Many times your family is having unpleasant occupation or trouble Which you think is said by saying this thing but later you forget The cry of the cat, the dirty spell, the tribulation, the parents do not get your thoughts or their words become bad, it is a bad habit to eat a bad habit, having a bad habit, to be sweet enemies, the clothes from the house disappear In the business, there is a sudden loss of profit rather than profit according to your efforts Fight in a husband's wife Sari cut A fight with a girlfriend Far away
Dodger on their side
Leave the job
Do not escape
Or any alien architect in the house
Go wrong
It is out of the saying of children
Black Magic and Trouble Trouble
Or having an accident or death in an unhealthy illness before age
Or if you burn the cremation sand or keep it in your house by a burning man, unless its remedy is not solved, you can not remain happy and happy

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