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Manglik Dosha and how to overcome it

by Astrologer Vikrant

Posted on 31-March-2021 10:34:56 PM    0 Comments    1830 view(s)

Also known by the names of Kuja dosha, Angrakha Dosha or Bhom Dosha, Manglik Dosha is an astrological condition that is known to affect the life of a person in a negative way. A person born with this Dosha is said to suffer during his marriage and all kinds of misfortunes follow. A person who suffers from Manglik Dosha is called a Manglik. In astrological terms, this Dosha occurs when the planet Mars is placed in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house of an individual’s horoscope chart. A Manglik is said to suffer from the ill-effects of planet Mars.

Some facts about Manglik Dosha

Let us look at some features of this Dosha:

  • Persons of both sexes may suffer from this Dosha.
  • Mars is a symbol of aggression and hence Manglik people are said to be ill-tempered.
  • Manglik people are a storehouse of fierce energy which needs to be channelized in the right direction to avoid destruction.
  • Mangal Dosha leads to delay in marriage.
  • It leads to tension and hostility in married life.
  • Two Manglik people can get married to each other as both nullify the effect of the planet.
  • People who did not treat their partners well in their previous birth are said to suffer from this Dosha.

Astrological remedies of Manglik Dosha

Let us look at some of the best Manglik solutions to help you get rid of this Dosha forever:

  • One remedy would be to get two Mangliks married as this would offset the effect of the planet.
  • Kumbh Vivah is one very effective solution to Manglik Dosha. The person suffering from this Dosha is made to get married to a tree or an urn which nullifies the effect of Mangal Dosha.
  • Fasting is another very effective remedy of solving this Dosha. Fast should be kept by the Mangliks on Tuesdays and only Toor dal should be eaten.
  • Reciting the navagraha mantra and Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesdays also helps a lot.
  • Performing Pooja and worshipping and visiting Lord Hanuman temple on Tuesdays are said to reduce the impact of the Dosha.
  • An effective astrology solution for the Mangliks would be to wear a gold ring studded with red coral on the ring finger of the right hand.
  • It is recommended for the Mangliks to get married after the age of 28 as the strength of this Dosha decreases with time.

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