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Kamdev Vashikaran Mantra For Sex

Vashikaran by kamakhya sindur

For a succesful married life it is very important that there is proper balance, understanding and love between husband and wife. In most cases the root cause of disputes, misunderstandings and problems is one sided love. To solve this issue our gurus and vedas have done extensive study and came up with the art of vashikaran mantra for husband and vashikaran by kamakhya sindur.

Besides this, there are multiple mantras like, mantra for longer age of husband, mantra for extra maritial affiar,kamdev vashikaran mantra for sex etc.

कामिया सिन्दूर-मोहन मन्त्र- “हथेली में हनुमन्त बसै, भैरु बसे कपार।
नरसिंह की मोहिनी, मोहे सब संसार।
मोहन रे मोहन्ता वीर, सब वीरन में तेरा सीर।
सबकी नजर बाँध दे, तेल सिन्दूर चढ़ाऊँ तुझे।
तेल सिन्दूर कहाँ से आया ? कैलास-पर्वत से आया।
कौन लाया, अञ्जनी का हनुमन्त, गौरी का गनेश लाया।
काला, गोरा, तोतला-तीनों बसे कपार।
बिन्दा तेल सिन्दूर का, दुश्मन गया पाताल।
दुहाई कमिया सिन्दूर की, हमें देख शीतल हो जाए।
सत्य नाम, आदेश गुरु की। सत् गुरु, सत् कबीर।
विधि- आसाम के ‘काम-रुप कामाख्या, क्षेत्र में ‘कामीया-सिन्दूर’ पाया जाता है। इसे प्राप्त कर लगातार सात रविवार तक उक्त मन्त्र का १०८ बार जप करें। इससे मन्त्र सिद्ध हो जाएगा। प्रयोग के समय ‘कामिया सिन्दूर’ पर ७ बार उक्त मन्त्र पढ़कर अपने माथे पर टीका लगाए। ‘टीका’ लगाकर जहाँ जाएँगे, सभी वशीभूत होंगे।


Vashikaran Mantra for husband

A women is in love with a man, she wants to his life partner, but that man is not on terms with her feelings, ignores her and lacks understanding. In this kind of scenario woman is forced to use the yantra and mantra for controlling the mind and feeling of man. This has been done from ancient times. There are thousands of vashikaran mantra for husband that have been implemented over the years. Similarly this mantra can be useful in case a man has extra maritial affair with other woman. Wife has full right to have 100% possession of body and mind of her husband.

Husband wife relation is between two soul. This is made in heaven by God. God makes everyone couples to each others. Happy married life is very important. But now many problems arise in married life. Because many misunderstanding occurs in husband and wife relations. This relation comes at very critical stage due to problems. But we have giving too many solutions to solve these types of problems. If your husband ignoring you comes late night at home and always start fighting with you. But do not worry, we should provide you solutions regarding to your problems. There are number of ladies who suffered this type of husband problem. But we give many solutions to their problem and they feel happy life. Every one thing before marriage that his/her life partner will be good and understand to each other. Every girl wishes that her husband become a good life partner and fulfill her every need. But now a days a problems between husband and wife can seen in daily life. We should provide you wonderful mantra which change your whole life as well as give you good relief from your problem. If you want to make your life beautiful and see your life partner should be live happy married life then Get the services of Vashikaran Mantra For Husband and meet with us directly.


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According to studies, it is believed that sex is the basis of all the activities man and woman. Sex is fundamental biological need of human being and the basis of cyclic order of reproductions of mankind. Lack of sex leads to development of frustration and starts to work on your brain.The sex is natural self speaking truth, you cannot suppress it. To achieve desired sex a mantra called kamdev vashikaran mantra for sex has been developed in the name of "Kamdev" the God of Sex.If used properly this can be very useful mantra for fulfilling sex desires.


Vashikaran habituate is actually called addiction of love.

Every person in nature is composed by affection. Husband wife relation is one of the most trustable and joyful. Here we discuss about a powerful mantra which is helpful for obtain access on husband or wife. If you think your partner will keep distance with you and he/she is hiding something from you so in that case of our skilled guru ji bring dynamic explanation Vashikaran mantra for husband and Vashikaran by kamakhya sindur that is used to receive control over your husband. Our baba ji provide you this mantra and explain how to use this.

ॐ नमो भगवते मदन मोय महे पंच भूत मोहिनी | चतुविरिंध जीव गलनु मोहिसु मोहिसु | तन्नो नो उदकेन तुरित व्यटलिंकाना कालुके | प्यौदे कल बहु डिवोदि वरील वार विर्देय | महा-मायाने काल भैरव-गणे ब्रम्हा-विष्णु-महेश्वरने श्रीराम इतनादे | कली मोहिनी मोहिसु मोहिसु | निनेगे निनागे मिहिसु ॐ गुरु प्रसाद |

Given mantra is read 1 lac times and when you complete this then you have to inaugurate a chandan spot on your forehead. Then everyone is dawn attracting on you. Our Pandit ji served lots of Vashikaran mantra for you who are very friendly and helpful for clear up your all troubles.

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